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We specialize in cleaning of offices and other commercial premises such as shops, pubs, restaurants and guesthouses.Our strongest point is consistency.We can offer you tailor-made solutions to suit your specific requirements at very competitive prices! Our cleaning technicians are fully trained and enthusiastic about what they do. We value our cleaning technicians and are proud to give you assurance of their trust as we follow a highly responsible recruitment system.Nevertheless, we have insured liabilities.

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"I would like to say what excellent and reliable service I have received over the last four years from SMD Link Pvt Ltd. Ranging from handyman jobs, to office decoration, to cleaning services for which I have recently renewed their contract for the third year! No job is too much trouble for these guys. It's been a pleasure doing business with them"

Mike Bishop

MD Setform Ltd

Office Cleaning Specifications

Office Cleaning Schedule Carpeted areas
Mon-Fri daily after 6 pm excluding Carpeted areas will be vacuumed &
national holidays cleaned on daily basis

Wastepaper bins Desk & Tables
Bins will be emptied and replaced Will be dusted and wiped
content will be transferred to
nominated disposal point

Furniture fittings Ledges, sills & skirting
Dusting will be carried out up to All exposed surfaces will be dusted
and damp wiped
standing height of all exposed

Telephone Light switches and finger plates
Telephones will be carefully dusted
and dry polished Finger marks and smears will be
removed from light switches and
finger plates

Internal glass Kitchen floors
Internal glass partitioning and door
inserts will be free from finger
marks and smears Kitchen floor will be vacuumed and
mopped with mild detergent

Microwave & Fridge Crockery
Internal & external surfaces will be
cleaned Crockery will be collected and
carefully washed and dry polished

Toilet mirrors Doors & tiles
Mirrors will be cleaned Finger marks and splashes will be

Toilets floors Sanitary ware
Toilet floors will be vacuumed
washed with pleasantly smelling
germicidal solution Will be washed & cleaned both
internally and externally with an
appropriate cleaning agent