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Office Cleaning Schedule Carpeted areas
Mon-Fri daily after 6pm excluding
national holidays
Carpeted areas will be vacuumed &
cleaned on daily basis
Wastepaper bins Desk & Tables
Bins will be emptied and replaced
content will be transferred to 
nominated disposal point
Will be dusted and wiped where 
left free from papers
Furniture fittings Ledges, sills & skirting
Dusting will be carried out up to 
standing height of all exposed 
All exposed surfaces will be dusted 
and damp wiped
Telephone Light switches and fingerplates
Telephones will be carefully dusted 
and dry polished
Finger marks and smears will be
removed from light switches and 
Internal glass Kitchen floors
Internal glass partitioning and door 
inserts will be free from finger 
marks and smears
Kitchen floor will be vacuumed and 
mopped with mild detergent
Microwave & Fridge Crockery
Internal & external surfaces will be
Crockery will be collected and
carefully washed and dry polished
Toilet mirrors Doors & tiles
Mirrors will be cleaned Finger marks and splashes will be 
Toilets floors Sanitary ware
Toilet floors will be vacuumed
washed with pleasantly smelling 
germicidal solution
Will be washed & cleaned both 
internally and externally with an 
appropriate cleaning agent